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whats your cattle breed/ breeds and why

2018/04/23 15:12 - 2018/04/23 15:16 #1 przez Steadman

"Don't want a slagging match between breed just peoples stock and why they keep them. Someone could start a thread on cattle if they wish at the moment i don't keep any." - whats your sheep breed and why Without going into too much detail, I have 2 simental bulls. I use them because their calves grow pretty big (not charolais big) but resonably big, with the benefit of being able to keep heifers as replacements. I have 2 angus bulls, I use them for calving ease (although the older one isn't any easier calving than the 2 simentals). + I keep the best heifers as replacements and I get a resonable premium when selling the rest. And the simmental is good for when/if I need to sell any store, as it would be unwise to sell angus cattle as stores.

Please help.

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